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Art: Xin Ran Liu

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  • "Syn Studio offered a great opportunity for me to enter the entertainment industry. As an international student, and after doing a lot of research, I came to the conclusion that it was by far the most affordable concept art school located in the heart of a big gaming industry. Through Syn Studio, I was able to grow as an artist, as well as a person, by meeting like-minded individuals and constantly pushing each other to improve. Being taught exclusively by teachers who work in the industry was a big advantage since every class, homework and deadline was structured in such a way so as to prepare us for the daily life in a work environment. All the connections and friendships I have made through Syn Studio, helped me land a job at Warner Bros. Games Montreal that I'm extremely grateful for. While it's still possible to land a job in the industry with all the online education nowadays, there is something irreplaceable about studying in an environment with like-minded, skilled individuals under the guidance of industry professionals that I would totally recommend to anyone who aspires to enter the entertainment industry."

    Krist Miha

    Concept Artist, WB Games, Montreal

  • "I picked Syn Studio since I saw that the teachers there were industry professionals who worked in many companies and projects that I liked. It has a great location, being in Montreal where the gaming industry in Canada is very prominent. Also the price was relatively affordable compared to other options with the same quality of education.

    I really enjoyed my time at Syn Studio. It was like a second home since me and my classmates spent most of our time there working on our skills and developing our portfolio. It was a place where I met amazing teachers who were very generous with their knowledge and feedback and made friends who were helping me out every step of the way as we worked together towards improving.

    I can honestly say that it's all thanks to Syn Studio that I have a job as a concept artist at Ubisoft and I work with both my friends from school as well as many of my teachers."

    Seif Ragab

    Concept Artist, Ubisoft, Montreal

  • "Out of all the art schools I applied to, Syn seemed like the ideal gateway to enter the industry. Being located in Montreal, it opens up abundant opportunities for students (especially for international students who come from countries which have a lack of concept-art resources, both academic and professional). I have lots of fond memories from Syn Studio. I made some great friends (classmate and teachers alike) there, some of whom are my colleagues right now. It provided us with a great learning environment, where everyone was pushing each other to work better. I am still very much in touch with most of my classmates and teachers, all of whom are working in the entertainment industry in Montreal. I never expected to get hired so soon after our graduation, and I cannot thank Syn Studio enough for that."

    Rajdeep Choudhury

    Concept Artist, Ubisoft, Montreal

  • "When I was beginning my art journey, I chose to join Syn Studio's Concept Art Diploma program because it is one of the few schools in the world that offered something very important: the chance to study under the direct tutelage of industry professionals. This opportunity, coupled with the fact that you're surrounded by like-minded driven students, yields for an amazing environment to learn and grow as an artist.

    During my time at Syn Studio, I feel that I have grown tremendously as an artist with the help of both the talented teachers and fellow classmates. I have made many friendships with incredibly skilled artists and had the chance to meet many of wonderful people across the industry. And thanks to the powerful networking opportunities fostered by Syn Studio, I ultimately was able to land my first industry job as a concept artist at Warner Brothers Games."

    Elkhan Kildibekov

    Concept Artist, WB Games, Montreal

  • "The main reason I chose Syn Studio was because of its location and price. Montreal, having so many game studios around, offers great opportunities for an aspiring concept artist. Not only that but the artistic community in Montreal is huge. I can say my experience at Syn Studio was exactly what I needed for my artistic career, it provided me with the direction that I was lacking and like minded friends to keep pushing each other for the better. Of course our teachers had a big part in my positive experience in Syn Studio. Most of the teachers at Syn Studio are top level artists working in the industry, so they know what is expected from a concept artist today, and what their students need to reach that level. I am currently working as a concept artist at WB Games Montreal with my teacher from Syn Studio, Daniel Kvasznicza as my art director. I can say I wouldn't be here today without all the help I got through my experience at Syn Studio."

    Efe Vardar

    Concept Artist, WB Games, Montreal

  • "Syn Studio was a big journey for me. I moved to Montreal all the way from Israel for this program. I had a great learning experience. My fellow students were very talented and passionate about the Job. It was a very healthy competition, but more than that, very inspiring. I had the chance to learn from some very skillful artists in the industry I have followed for years. I am currently working at Ubisoft together with Eric Gagnon, the teacher that has inspired me most! This school is very unique and has many advantages on other programs: The quality of the teachers, the good networking and involvement of the school with the local industry and the warm atmosphere and good communication with the staff are just a few points to mention. It's great to see how well we all did eventually!"

    Zach Cohen

    Concept Artist, Ubisoft, Montreal

  • "I saw Syn Studio as a great opportunity to develop my skills as a concept artist. Compared to other schools the tuition was affordable and the quality of education was extremely good. we started with fundamentals and later we jumped into digital art. We develop a personal project for the last two terms and it was extremely fun and challenging to work on. I made a lot of friends and we still keep in contact with each other (some of them now work with me). We had the opportunity to learn from great concept artists from the entertainment industry in Montreal. Thierry Doizon, Fred Rambaud, Remko Troost and Jason Tonks were amazing teachers that I learned a lot from. Currently I am a concept artist at Ubisoft Montreal working for an unannounced game."

    Miguel Mendez

    Concept Artist, Ubisoft, Montreal

  • "My experience with Syn Studio was very good. I had the chance of having amazing artists as my teachers, and I was surrounded by excellent concept artist in my class, which allowed me to make a lot of progress. Syn Studio taught me that what matters most in this job is to work hard and to always be creative. Thierry Doizon taught us about originality in design, Remko Troost was always a fan of our crazy ideas, and Fred Rambaud always asked us to think outside the box.I also had an excellent experience with Samantha Youssef, and I feel that I’ve learned a lot about drawing people in a very short time. Syn Studio always tries to highlight their students, and the Gala at the end of the year is a very good memory of mine! My current job at Thunder Lotus games was found because my school sent my portfolio there. So thanks a lot for everything!"

    Lena Labonte

    Concept Artist, Thunder Lotus Games, Montreal

  • "The reason I chose Syn Studio is due to the fact that it had a very affordable price compared to other concept art schools around the world. I have met tons of great and exceptional concept artists at Syn Studio, some which are really close friends of mine. I’m currently working for a company called Beenox (first job) and honestly this would not be possible if it were not for Syn Studio who saw the hardwork I put into the program and recommended me to these companies. Some of the teachers who have helped me and inspired me the most would have to be Thierry Doizon, Jeong Shin, Jason Tonks and Fred Rambaud. I still talk with all these teachers and they have always helped and pushed me in the work I do."

    Nic Gosselin

    Concept Artist, Beenox, Quebec City

  • "When I made the decision to pursue concept art as a career I was on the lookout for an intensive and focused pathway into the games industry and for me Syn Studio was the perfect stepping stone. The school was affordable, located in a city filled with opportunities for artist and the small class size meant that I would get plenty of time for one on one feedback. It was a lot of hard work but my fellow classmates and their shared passion for art kept me motivated. Over the course I had the pleasure of learning from amazing mentors and made many great connections through the school that ultimately helped me to become a professional concept artist."

    Jarrard Lee

    Concept Artist, Ubisoft Montreal

  • "Syn Studio was one of the few schools in the world that have a full time diploma program for concept art, apart from that the tuition is pretty affordable in comparison to the other similar schools so, it didn't take me a lot of time to decide which school to choose to study concept art. I had a brilliant 18 months at Syn, I don't think I have ever accumulated so much knowledge in such a small amount of time. I could go on about how great the tools and techniques that I was taught at school are helping me right now, but the biggest thing to take from the teachers is how they inspire you to achieve your art goals. I was surrounded by hard working people during my time at Syn and that certainly motivates you to go the extra mile. Syn Studio organised an amazing gala at the end of the 18 month course and invites top industry recruited, concept artist and art directors to showcase your art to, and they also send all our portfolios to the biggest companies in Montreal. My artwork was noticed by the team at Eidos Montreal all due to the efforts of Syn Studio, where I currently work as a Concept Artist. I couldn't be more grateful for the experience and support that Syn Studio has provided me with."

    Mohit Panjikar

    Concept Artist, Eidos Montreal

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