Our Concept Art Diploma Program is undergoing a transformation! Click Here for More Details!

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Fall 2023
Changes to the Diploma Program

Hello Everyone!

After 7 years from its conception, and a lot of consideration, we decided that it was time for our Concept Art Diploma Program to undergo a transformation.

The entertainment industry is continuously evolving with lots of new pipelines and workflows getting introduced every day. The objective of our Concept Art Diploma Program was to educate our students with the latest and most popular in-demand technologies and industry pipelines so they can enter and succeed in this fast paced sector. We realized there was a small gap between industry standards and requirements and our current course curriculum. To ensure we deliver on our promise of making students "industry ready upon graduation", we have decided to take a break to update our program structure and curriculum to make it current and in line with the latest industry developments.

With this decision, we will not be holding a Fall 2023 cohort so we have a full year to refine and revamp our Concept Art Diploma program so it is the best version it can be. We will then be resuming in 2024 in a new and improved format!

That said, we are excited to announce that we have also launched an Online Concept Art program. This will be an intensive, 12-month long experience geared towards helping you to polish and refine your portfolio to cater its content and presentation to the entertainment industry. If you wish to learn more, register and benefit from this exciting new program, Click Here!